Sadly i got banned from alls UDU games permanently because moderators where rude toward me :(

This all started when i talked about the future update about vehicles and someone said "Lol , Really ? this is fake",

and i called him ignorant moron... 4 Hours later when i was trying to play UD : Westover Islands i saw that i got banned for 3 days so i checked the wall of UDU group and i saw that i got banned for insulting a moderator ( the guy who said "lol , really ? This is fake") ( his name is Pawsability ).

And i got mad and they said that if "excesivly being disrespectful toward the moderators ,they upped my ban to two weeks.

Yesterday i got kicked/exiled from the group because they tryied to get me very mad, TheCrinjMan and TTP and Zeffy make my ban permanent  so that mean ill never play again on my main acc thefakelol987 UDU games :(, plus i saw on the wall a guy named cschkweirt said that i have alts to insult again mods but this is a false accusation how i can insult mods on my alts ? I never tryied to be disrespectful toward moderators.

Now im using an alt to play UDU games ,thats all i have to say :( R.I.P .

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