I see comments everywhere on any wiki page. It goes like this, for example:

Robbinsville: HAHA IM THE BIGGEST TOWN! IM THE KING! Deals Gap: Stop flexing, i’m was the first spawn added to this game. Tallassee: Well at least I’m the largest in Tennessee... Chilly Spring Gap: And i’m your brother. Now notice me. Fontana Dam: Welp, I’ve got the coolest views and the Dam! Aren’t I the luckiest? Tapoco: ._. I am depressed. I’m so small. I tried to impress everybody with my Campground and Slickrock Road. It didn’t work.

Red Marble Gap: Yo, don’t be sad. Be thankful you exist. I got removed. Valleytown-Andrews: At least your area is still on the map, but not as a town. I fully got removed from the map! Lake Saniteetlah (a.k.a. those two houses in between Tapoco and Robbinsville by the lake and the bridge): At least you were towns. NC 288: At least you guys were somewhat purposeful.

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