If you're one of the people in-game who follows the traffic rules (signals, road signs and speed limits), do you wonder why other people often break the road rules while driving? You're just driving just to enjoy a drive in Roblox, maybe you're one of the people who drives normally and/or looking to ensure people stay safe on the roads.

A Look In Context

When UD first started in 2011, you couldn't buy the exotic cars we have today and could only buy one model from each category. The map was simple- you'd drive around the game and obey traffic signals. Traffic enforcement was also set up so that police officers could keep pace with speeders, preventing criminal chases from occurring.

In the first version in the revamped series, most vehicles had a similar top speed (90-95 mph or 145-155 km/h), which allowed for consistent top speeds among all the vehicles in-game. More people drove regular vehicles since there weren't as many choices as there are now, with only a few types of vehicles to choose in game.

This changed when the Camaro was added in the game, making it the first purpose-built sports car. This caused the a sudden increase in sports cars but again, the top speed of the police fleet was increased to allow police officers to stop chases with their vehicles. The Camaro also allowed for some sportiness but most people still drove regular vehicles.

It was only when the Diablo was added did the police team have issues. A police Camaro had to be added so police officers could pursue it as this vehicle was faster than any other model at the time. When even more sports cars were added in game, with upgrades to make vehicles faster with boost, this was when speeding became an issue.

The Racing Update is the reason why Ultimate Driving's roads are full of people driving recklessly. As it encourages street racing, a lot of people have purchased high-end sports cars and you can often see them running at high speeds, in order to grind and gain XP from such races so they can unlock more vehicles.

How do I drive while adhering to traffic laws?

To drive legally, we recommend keeping right except to pass or to make a left turn and adhere to the speed limit. Use your turn signals properly so other drivers around you know your intentions on the road. If you are driving in a heavier vehicle, we recommend following the traffic rules to keep you safe. Races are completely optional and you do not have to participate in them- driving normally will allow you to gain money and XP.

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