Hi everyone,

We would like to remind you that for the release date, we need to get official confirmation form the developer.  These will be found on the developer's Twitter page and games may be pushed back due to complications or issues with the games prior to release.  Therefore, we have protected the following pages from public editing until the respective games are released:

  1. UD: Monroe (unlocked)
  2. UD: Newark
  3. UD: Fontana Dam (unlocked)

UPDATE: We may also lock pages that may have a lot of inaccurate information for cleanup purposes. (Note: Pages for individual towns/cities in these games can still be edited). 

Commenting is available on these pages but if false release dates are spread over the comments, the commenting feature for those pages may be disabled. An admin or moderator will edit the pages with the correct date and return them to public editing once the games are released. Pages that are protected will have the "edit" button replaced with "view source" for general users while moderators and admins will see a notice saying "This page is protected so that only moderators and admins can edit it" in the editor window.

In addition, we encourage an admin or moderator to edit the game list and unlock it so people can contribute to the list. The games list is a critical piece of the Wikia that needs to be updated regularly.

Thanks again,


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