Hello everyone,

We would like to remind you again that release dates for any game can only be posted if we have official confirmation from a developer. Therefore, all pages about beta maps (except those that are cancelled) will be locked to most users and protected so that only moderators and admins can edit the page. This has been implemented to prevent vandalism and possible false release dates from being posted. Comments for these pages may be disabled if false release dates are posted there. Other pages related to towns and cities in the game(s) should not be affected by this new policy; however, please do not spread false release dates on these pages as they will be removed.

If you want a link to be added to these pages, please ask an admin to add it for you or post the link(s) in the comments if available. Admins will be required to regularly update locked pages for the community so the page is not out of date. 

Here's what you'll see on a protected (locked) page that is set to admin editing only:

  • Most users: The "edit" button will be replaced with a "view source" option. You will not be able to edit the page or change the categories.
  • Content moderators and admins: You will be able to edit the page normally. However, a notice will display at the top of the editor window about the protection levels; stating:
    • "This page is protected so that only moderators and admins can edit the page."

Once the game associated with the page is released, the page will be returned to public editing. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy your time on the Wikia!

- Joshua

P.S. Commenting is closed for this post. Please message me or any admin if you have questions.

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