Hello everyone,

I just went on the "School Bus" page and it needs to be updated to make it on par with any publicly editable page. Since it's protected, the page will need to be updated as per the New Year's Update as people cannot edit it except the admins:

  • School buses received a new meshed body in the New Year's update
  • Check to see if the Vortex Security bus is still offered and update the info as necessary
  • Unprotect the page so anyone can edit it

Some proposed guidelines for pages that have been vandalized:

  • If a user spots vandalism, report it to an admin along with the user responsible
  • The admin must block the IP address or username but may not use "Infinite" unless absolutely necessary, this applies to all bans handed out and those already in effect, bans with an infinite length will need to be shortened to 12 months if it affects an IP address
  • Admins must revert edits or delete the page, then protect the page
  • Updates to the page must be done if anything on the page has changed in-game by anyone with permission to edit
  • Pages that were vandalized can only be protected from further public editing for a maximum of 6 months after vandalism incident occurred

As part of preventing our site from further vandalism, another method would be requiring users to have a Wikia account in order to edit pages. This way, we can track users responsible and therefore allow people who use the same IP address permission to edit the pages.

Also some news:

TwentyTwoPilots recently added burnouts to the UDU. You can keep your vehicle stationary while spinning tires and smoke will come out as in real life, along with your vehicle staying in first gear while your engine will run to the rev limiter. You also have tire marks displayed once you move off. I have no idea how you can do this so this could be added along with a page about the race feature.

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