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If you have been following TwentyTwoPilots' Twitter feed or if you had a legacy gamepass, you might have noticed that legacy passes are no longer supported in the current series. Some of these passes were released in 2010 and were available up until 2015. Players with legacy passes will need to re-purchase the passes in order to continue playing on the gamepass jobs or get a home. According to TTP, these changes were to improve performance for the gamepasses.

How will this affect you?

Players with current series gamepasses (2015-present) will NOT be required to re-purchase the passes as they are still supported by the game system.

Any player with any legacy pass (2010-2015, sold at UD: I, II, III and IV) will be unable to use them as of March 2, 2019 in any of the current games. This includes any VIP gamepasses (combined police, EMT and trucker pass) and individual gamepasses, such as jobs, EZ-Pass (free tolls) and the home pass. However, you may still access these features on legacy series maps.

Known Questions and Answers

Will my XP and unlocked vehicles be reset?

At this point, it is unknown if your XP and unlocked vehicles (for players on the police job) have been reset if you have a legacy pass and you purchased a new pass to resume playing on the specific job. It's possible that your information may have been saved if you had a legacy pass as all money from any job is saved to your in-game account.

The gamepasses are expensive! How can I save Robux on my purchase?

Ultimate Driving holds pass sales around major US holidays (as the majority of the player base is from the United States). Purchasing gamepasses during this time can get you a good deal on re-purchasing your pass.

Further Information

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