Hey everyone,

I was able to revert an edit that was made by an imposter of my account (JoshuaMumbile) after he put a random foot on the Transit page. The imposter accounts are NOT from me and are made by someone else and were set up to vandalize sites I edit. As needed, the site needs to have proper editing guidelines to prevent further vandalism. We will also need the admins to be more responsible so we can further enforce the rules for this site, up to and including user bans.

In addition, we will need to have more stringent enforcement of the rules in the site so we can filter out and revert any edits to pages that may relate to vandalism. If there are any suspected vandalism attempts, we should be able to revert them. If we have any more issues, please feel free to comment.

This is my one and only warning: No vandalism is permitted and there will be consequences to those that are caught in the act. I encourage all admins and moderators to make sure our Wikia is safe and informative for all.

Thanks again,


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