Dimash_Kudaibergenov is the account I use to play UD.

WARNING! Not TheBradGamingYT! That is the main account that I play with on my iPad. But since you are unable to play UD on iPad, I have a seperate account used on my PC (that is Dimash_Kudaibergenov) because I find it easier like that. One seperate type of console = One seperate account? Easy. And yes, I know it is russian, I’m not, I just love SОVУЕТSКИЙ! WARNING!

Things coming up that I can’t wait for: 23/09/19 Update

UD: Kent Island: I have it! What a huge bridge.

UD: Newark Overhaul: So cool, sad to see a smaller Newark, but a look at the western side on the city as well. I’ll have to say goodbye to the big buildings and the urban feel. This rumoured date is now Christmas 2019.

UD: Fontana Dam: Almost done, and just needs the map. I can’t wait for the map to come, so that there will be no more players who are late to the game complaining about not knowing where to GO!

UD: Bethany Beach: Far from paradise, near to paradise.

UD: Harriston (&South) Time for a big city to arrive in UD!

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