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This is all the upcoming content coming to the Ultimate Driving Universe in the future. We list things that are from the Ultimate Driving Universe Trello. We also show UDU developer twitters and including the Ultimate Driving Community twitter to give you info about game maps, info leaks, and more.

UDU Developer Twitters

This is the main twitter for all Ultimate Driving leaks, updates, and announcements.

Upcoming UD Maps

Here we have a list of UDU maps coming into the future.


Proposed Updates = Updates that will be coming to the UDU.

Updates In Progress = Updates that are currently being worked on.

These updates will be listed from the Ultimate Driving Trello Board and we'll be only listing major updates that will change the game. Other updates that are minor changes will not be listed.



Updates In


Firefighter/EMT Overhaul Trucker Team Improvements (Currently being worked on at the moment.)
Emergency Services Update Police Update Phase 3 (Currently being worked on at the moment.)
Transit Team Improvements The Great Map Update (aka UD v5, Being worked on by TTP. Livestreams'' are made on twitch.)
Highway Worker Update Ultimate Driving Hub Update/Cross Map Teleportation- Being Worked on by TTP
Motorcycle Update Several new and revamped cars.
Coast Guard Update New Semi Truck Leak.
Home Update Car Chassis Improvements
Cross Map Transport Update (Might be lumped in with hub update) ---

Content Media

Here we will show media of upcoming content coming into the future of the UDU.

Picture Gallery

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