On this Wikia, we have a group of select Wikia users whom work tirelessly to keep this Wikia alive by preventing vandalism and other behaviour not permitted on this Wikia, by also trying to keep the Wikia articles up to date as well.

Admins and Moderators


iiTomsx as of March 2018

Ill91 October

Ill91 as of October 2018.

Current Admins

  • Ill91
  • Tekelbrik
  • iiTomsx
  • DrivingFan42

Current Moderators

  • Joshuamumble - RETIRED
  • TheOutrageousBoyRBLX
  • twinkbunsthe7th [twinkbuns_the7th]
  • Sleepy Soda - INACTIVE
  • Whale Storm - RETIRED

Whale Storm (krishvp) as of March 2018.

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