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This is the unofficial ROBLOX Ultimate Driving Wikia, where you can learn more about Ultimate Driving games, features, vehicles and many more subjects! This Wikia was created to make it easier to understand Ultimate Driving, and how to get a better experience in-game. You can also learn about the history of the UDU in this Wikia as well. Anyone may edit the Wikia to keep it up to date with what happens in-game. Please Note: This Wikia has been mainly created by fans, and not all articles on the Wikia may be accurate. However, we do use official information from Ultimate Driving Universe to keep the Wikia up to date. Please feel free to edit, and make sure that you use official information when creating or editing an article. We are NOT endorsed by the UDU Team. All content on this Wikia is for informational purposes only. Also, do not make any content and pages that are not related to this Wikia, because some Admins might delete it. To get started, PLEASE read the rules.

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What is the Ultimate Driving Universe?


An official image for UD: Newark

Ultimate Driving Universe was created by ROBLOX user TwentyTwoPilots (formerly Alex4897). The UDU is the successor to the Ultimate Driving game series on ROBLOX. The classic games can be found here (Scroll down to "Legacy and Classic Games" section). Ultimate Driving Universe games are not just created by TwentyTwoPilots, they are also some games created by different creators, such as index15, marcus_dot, JakeFromRoblox. Don't know how to play? Click THIS The article will teach all the skills a beginner should know about Ultimate Driving.  

Ultimate Driving Universe (UDU) Complete Map (State of Delaware) 

Ultimate driving full map by condunn

Official Ultimate Driving Map put together by condunn. Note that this does not currently include Currituck nor Monroe.

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