UD: Bethany Beach is a UD game based in Maryland that is being made by TwentyTwoPilots. This will be between the Odessa, Newark and Masonsville maps. The main city, Bethany Beach will be a resort, based off Ocean City, Maryland. It will have a clothing boutique, a beach boardwalk, a pizza shop, and even the Weston One Hotel. The resort's main road is US 13 concurrent with Maryland Route 72, south of Bordenville. This game will also consist of inland Maryland including I-95, and I-195, an interstate spur along the coast. Meade Hills will be this game, along with a divergent diamond interchange with MD 281 and I-95. MD 544 will be east of Meade Hills, starting from US-1. MD 272 will be a long route south of Meade Hills, between MID 544 and MD 282. MD 282 connects Masonville and MID 286, a route that serves Elk Mills and US-1 junction west of the city resort.

Originally slated for a 2017 release with a map composing of parts it is now possible that it will release in late 2022 to late 2027 Including a meshed map this time.


  • Some of TTP's promo pictures for new vehicles were taken here.
  • Some sneak peek pictures can be found on TTP's Twitter page.
  • This game is most likely connected to UD: Currituck via a highway sign reading ‘Bethany Beach’ on the US 13 near the Virginia border (also near the airport), as well as to UD: Kent Island via US 1 with a sign showing that Bethany Beach is only 5 miles away.
Screenshot from 2018-01-07 07-24-52.png
Screenshot from 2018-01-07 07-35-30.png

A direction sign mentioning Bethany Beach. Photo taken in UD: Currituck.

Bethany Beach 1 UDU Forums.png
Bethany Beach UDU Forums 2.png

A destination distance sign mentioning Bethany Beach. Photo taken in UD: Kent Island.

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