Swanquarter is a city located south of the village of Currituck. The town features a gas station, fire departments, some houses, ( including a neighborhood )a passenger ferry port, large skyscrapers, a water tower, apartments, a large nonfunctional condo block, many buildings, and of course, a citizen spawn. It features 3 major roads, NC 32, US 13, and Cauliflower Road.

Routes Connecting To/From Swanquarter Edit

State/Federal Highway/Freeway Number Other Towns It Leads To Notes
US 13 Pea Ridge, Currituck The main road in the town.
NC 32 Fort Landing
Cauliflower Road

Gallery Edit

Downtown Swanquarter

Downtown Swanquarter

RobloxScreenShot20170623 093210618

Some buildings along NC 32.

Fire Station

Fire Department

Swanquarter Port

Passenger port (which remains unfinished)

RobloxScreenShot20170623 093320765

Some buildings by a beach.


2 Houses by the beach.

Houses in swanquarter

Sky view of some houses.

Gas Station and Post Office

The Gas Station and Mailman Spawn.

Trivia Edit

  • Swanquarter is one of the towns in the UDU to have a water tower, the other one's being Halifax, Waxhaw, Monroe, Crisfield and Fontana Dam (Structure)
  • Swanquarter is one of the only towns that have a road that is not labeled a highway as a major road.
  • Swanquarter is one of the only "old-fashioned" designed towns in the UDU

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