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This article contains information that is only available to staff members only. It is unknown whether this staff exclusive content will be available to the public.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Besides the Staff Corvette and the brick SWAT van, staff members also have access to the Piano. This "vehicle" is based on an 1883 black Steinway grand piano, lacking any turn signals and lights. The piano is the most unique vehicle of the UDU, using 0.4" wheels to move (casters) and an invisible seat, allowing it to carry 2 people. However, it does not have an engine and is purely a joke, like the portable toilet, another staff vehicle used in-game.

Like other staff vehicles, it rarely makes an appearance in-game as only a staff member can spawn it. The piano is still used, although it is rare even in servers with staff members because they are slow and have bad handling. It plays bass boosted music when the horn is held down, and when driving, it plays distorted audio to A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

Sometime after the racing update, the Piano was accidentally made public along with other staff vehicles at the time, making it possible for anyone to purchase it. However, it could not be spawned by the public. The glitch was patched within a few hours.

As of the rebranding update, the Piano is now the oldest "vehicle" in the UDU and the only one to exist that has a model year before 1900, let alone 1950. In addition, it is also the only one to have an actual brand name (as Steinway and Sons is an actual manufacturer, known for its high quality handcrafted pianos).

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