So long, we salute you!

The content featured on this page is now a retired vehicle in the Ultimate Driving Universe. It is unknown if it will return in the future.

The steamroller was a D.O.T. vehicle in the UDU. This vehicle was the only piece of construction equipment in-game. It was retired in 2016 when the new chassis was introduced, after it was unable to turn with the update.

The steamroller had two large drums for wheels to smooth and press down asphalt, meaning that it relied on the old chassis to turn. It could've handle a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) and earned $300 per mile.

Did you know? Edit

  • The steamroller was the first 1-seat vehicle in game.
  • It was the slowest vehicle in-game until the lawn mower was introduced.
  • This vehicle never had license plates.
  • According to the Trello buildlist, The steamroller may be added again in the Highway Worker Update. It would be a mesh model and would serve to fix potholes.
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