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Repujaketion (formerly known as JakeFromRoblox) or known as Jake is the board director/admin of the Ultimate Driving Universe. He is also a universe builder for the New England (Massachusetts) part of the Ultimate Driving Universe. He has released some games in his part of Ultimate Driving, but his biggest game expected to be released and is currently in development is UD: New Charlestown.

UDU Games Edit

Jake has made 2 games so far for the UDU, here is a list of them below.

Massachusetts Edit

UD: Burlington Edit

Main Article: UD: Burlington

UD: Burlington was one of his first games made for the UDU. It was based off on Boston, Massachusetts. It was on BETA release since 2018, but then he closed the game after that to focus more on something else. The game had 4 major roads for an interchange through Burlington, I-95, US 1, I-295, and I-190.

UD: New Charlestown, Massachusetts Edit

Main Article: UD: New Charlestown, Massachusetts

UD: New Charlestown, Massachusetts was the second game he made recently. He announced his game on his twitter since he wanted to get back on working maps. This map is also based on Charlestown/Boston, Massachusetts for some odd reason. The game has 3 bay bridges, all of them, are made by index15. This game has been going on BETA release for a while now. In 2020, Jake has had a few open beta testing periods for the community to give him feedback on his work.

UD: Milford Edit

This was one of Jake's other projects that he was in development with back in 2018. Although, the game's development was paused as of 2018. The game's release was never announced. Here is the game page for it.


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