Pit Stop gas stations are found in many locations around the Ultimate Driving Universe. These gas stations represent the main gas station chain in-game. When driving, it is imperative to visit either a Pit Stop or Southeastern Gas station regularly to get fuel or risk stalling out on the road. Therefore, all players carry an emergency gas can in case they stall out (accessed by pressing the "1" key or clicking the Gas Can icon on the toolbar). For safety reasons, it is recommended that you refuel when you have roughly 25% fuel remaining on the gas meter, which is stated on the vehicle GUI.

Caution: If you stall out, activate the hazard lights and/or emergency/caution lights if your vehicle is equipped with them. You will need to exit your vehicle to refuel it with the emergency gas can. Stand next to your vehicle and press E. When you press E, the gas can will disappear from the toolbar. Watch for traffic while performing an emergency refuel.

Gas is charged by the gallon (3.8 L) to your account when you refuel and prices are clearly marked at all stations. These prices change after each day/night cycle in-game. All vehicles run on standard gas, diesel or batteries (compressed natural gas and propane are not available). The fuel grade GUI will also state these prices.

Gas stations can be found on the minimap by locating the "G", which marks the location in-game. Most gas stations, including Pit Stop locations include a convenience store, found near the pumping area. All games have at least one gas station, which is usually located near or at a vehicle spawn or a busier traffic area.

In the Westover Islands, gas stations receive supply from fuel tankers, available through the Trucker job. There are openings to access the underground fuel storage tanks at all gas stations.

Gas Grades Edit

  • Regular: The cheapest option for drivers. This grade is recommended for new players with low tier cars.
  • Plus: Provides more mileage between fill-ups, is more expensive than regular and cheaper than premium. This grade is recommended for the ambulance.
  • Premium: The highest and most expensive standard car gas grade. Premium fuel provides the longest mileage between fill-ups and is recommended for police vehicles, sports cars and any vehicle with a lower fuel capacity such as the Wrangler and RV.
  • Diesel: This fuel is used for trucks (with the exception of the box truck) and buses and is the most expensive fuel in the UDU. You can only select this option if you drive a heavy truck or bus, as alternate powered versions of heavy vehicles have not yet been introduced.
  • Electric: This fuel is used for electric cars, and is provided at most pit stops. A recharge will cost roughly $0.10 and will round up to the nearest dollar. (NOTE: You are required to go to the green supercharger at the gas station to fuel up)
    • Note: If you drive a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle and park a supercharger, you will receive a notice to refuel at the gasoline pumps. Do not block the superchargers when parking at the the Pit Stop.


Pit Stop gas stations can be found throughout most of the public releases and this list will be expanded as more locations are documented/available.

UD: Westover IslandsEdit

UD: OdessaEdit

  • Odessa: US 1, DE 26, and Old Odessa Road (in the median, cars only)
  • Bordenville: On US 40/Ruthar Drive, across from civilian spawn
  • Cape Ann: Dewey Shores Drive, Across from the civilian spawn and near DE 72

UD: Delancy GorgeEdit

UD: Currituck Edit

  • Currituck: Off US 13, across from civilian spawn.
  • Swanquarter: Perdue St./Union Alley, access from US 13 South, NC 32, also access from Cauliflower Road. Across from the Mail Spawn. [NOTE: No Truck access through Union Alley]

UD: Monroe Edit

  • Monroe: West Windsor Ave / NC 207 South
  • White Oaks: NC 200 / NC 522 / Lancaster Ave., across from the civilian spawn.
  • US 74 Auto Dealer: US 74 / NC 200, near the civilian spawn.
  • Monroe Business District: NC 207 (Haynes St.) / Unnamed St.

UD: Pleasant Valley Edit

  • Fairport: Off US 61
  • Pleasant Valley: Off CR Y42E
  • Le Claire: Off US 67
  • Buffalo: Off US 67
  • Coalsville: By RailRoad tracks

UD: Fontana Dam Edit

UD: Kent Island [Not finished, may be moved] Edit

UD: New Charlestown [Not finished, may be moved] Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Pit Stops are one of the main stations in all UDU games.
  • Southeastern Gas is one of the other gas station chains in UDU games.
  • UD: Monroe is known to hold an above-average amount of Pit Stop locations.
  • You used to be able to go inside of the gas stations' convenience stores. Now, you cannot. But, there are still some gas stations that you can go inside. (Pomeroy, off DE 41)
  • Pit Stop is based off East Coast gas station/convenience store chain Wawa.
  • Some of the Pit Stop Gas Stations have rooftops over the gas pumps, while some of them don't.

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