Overview[edit | edit source]

The Nurburgring Race Track is considered not to be an actual UDU game. This game map was made by TwentyTwoPilots, in 2019 as a test map, and it was never announced according to his live stream from 7/29/2020. This game map was published onto Testover Islands, which is known to be the main test place for UD: Westover Islands. It might have been built to be used as another place to do a Victory Road circuit race that you could teleport to when the Hub Update comes out, but this is unlikely.

As you hop on to Testover Islands, the game map won't be the regular Westover Islands map. Instead, where you spawn in is on a baseplate with the big race track going all around the map. Most of the map for the race track is complete, with the old foliage trees, grass and embankments around the curbs.  

This track was planned to be on Victory Road, but it never made it to the public according to the 7/29/2020 Livestream from TTP. He also announced that this track is where the new chassis was tested on.   

As of August 16th, 2020, 5 cars with a retuned chassis were added into the game as the only playable cars, serving the game’s main purpose of new chassis testing. These cars are the Monster Truck2016 Ford GT, Nissan 370ZKoenigsegg Jesko, and the Pontiac G8. At the final portion of the track, a functional copy of Westover was temporarily added so that players could customize their car and fill-up on gas. Joining a team other than Civilian will spawn you at a regular spawn point with the job’s tools, but you can’t drive any job related cars. Players can still buy houses and pay off bounties, however, a glitch exists where when you put on the parking brake and get out of your car and get back in, the car become completely undriveable and swerves around uncontrollably. Westover is not considered to actually be a part of the Nurburgring but rather just a place so that you can service your car.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Nurburgring track is not considered to be an actual UDU game since this was only used for testing the new chassis. Although, there have been plans to make it into Victory Road for the UDU Hub Update according to TTP's Livestream on 7/29/2020.
  • Some people speculate this Nurburgring track a secret UDU game from Germany. To clarify, the map is not based on anything, even though the real life Nurburgring is in Germany.
  • This is a good grinding track when going a full loop. Before the Westover Spawn was added to the side of the track, this track only had a vehicle spawn with no gas station around it to fill-up your car, making it hard to grind for a ton of money.
  • Buying a vehicle here will give it the default Delaware plates.
  • The first portion of the track was partially unfinished and had big bumps where the curves are, but after 1/2 mile (0.8 km) or so it evened out. As of August 16th, 2020, the only big bumps in the road were at a hairpin turn 1 mile before the track ended.
  • This is the only map with no speed limits (on the track area only), jobs or traffic enforcement and with a limited vehicle roster.
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