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Moving bridges are select bridges that can be raised and lowered. These types of bridges can only be controlled by the DOT/Highway Workers. Since there are no boats in the UDU except some nonfunctional ones in Currituck, the purpose of the movable bridges is purely for aesthetics, roleplay, and fun. Although, many players will get mad if DOT/Highway Workers raise a drawbridge ahead of them, especially police officers or EMT workers while they are in an emergency. These features are available in UD: Westover Islands, UD: Currituck, and UD: Newark.

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Delaware Edit

  • Westover Sound Bridge, on US 40 between Palm Shore and South Beach
  • Kirkwood Lift Bridge, on DE 41 between US 322 and DE 896

North Carolina Edit

  • North River Swing Bridge, over the North River on NC 42 near Halifax
  • Drawbridge near Currituck, on NC 136

Maryland Edit

  • Non-functional Drawbridge on MD 552.

Moving Bridge Safety Edit

Sometimes DOT/Highway Workers might activate the drawbridge, so it's best to simply follow these safety rules. DOT/Highway Workers will also have to read this before activating the drawbridge too.

  • If a drawbridge or other moving bridge is being raised, do not attempt to jump the bridge or your vehicle may be glitched. You may do this for fun only just not all the time.
  • Reduce speed when approaching a moving bridge so you have enough time to stop in case the signal changes to red or if there is a queue due to the bridge being activated.
  • For your safety, stop at the light when the moving bridge is being raised until the bridge is lowered. All moving bridges are controlled by traffic lights and if the bridge is being moved, a red signal will be displayed alongside collision barriers being deployed across the roadway.
  • Do not place vehicles on the bridge because the vehicle might glitch through one of the spans of the drawbridge.
  • If you are activating a moving bridge, make sure to inform other drivers and allow enough time for vehicles already on the bridge to cross.You can also use the highway worker tools to stop traffic prior to activation.
  • Raising a drawbridge for an emergency or citizen vehicle to pass is not an option since it's considered blocking the path for them to get through.
  • For the Halifax Swing Bridge, the bridge will be entitled to spin 90 degrees for a few minutes when activated for marine traffic to pass and another few minutes for the swing bridge to spin 90 degrees automatically for the vehicles to pass. So it's best to wait for the bridge to do its job.
  • Once the bridge is reopened to road traffic, there will be a cooldown to prevent players from constantly raising and lowering the bridge.
  • Do not overtake or intentionally cause traffic congestion on a movable bridge.

Bugs/Issues Edit

In September 2018, a bug arose on Westover Islands when ROBLOX removed the Legacy Physics Solver, one barrier would remain upright while the one on the other side remained on the floor, this would've allowed drivers to knock the barrier out of its way if they were to jump the drawbridge. The issue was patched within two weeks. However, it has recently resurfaced, but now this affects both Tolls and Bridges. Take care to slow down to at least 25 MPH when approaching a barrier, to prevent both lag collision and breaking the barrier.

Update/Revamp Edit

On the 5/30/2020 update, TwentyTwoPilots fixed and revamped the drawbridge. Most importantly, instead of clicking a button to activate the drawbridge, you now have to press "E". Despite this, Highway Workers are only allowed to operate the moving bridge. The bridge control interface was also revamped with a more "complete" system, including progress and cooldown, with the option of manually lowering the bridge to override the timer; which was only done automatically in the past.

Former Locations Edit

Some drawbridges have been removed. Here is an incomplete list.

  • Rodanthe Sound (US 40)
  • Indian River (US 1)

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Old Edit

The Westover Drawbridge before the revamp.

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Images of other Drawbridges from different games.

Did You Know? Edit

  • At some larger moving bridges in real life, the operator is required to sound an alarm when the bridge is about to be moved.
  • In real life, warning bells are also used (similar to those at rail crossings) when the collision barriers are being lowered.
  • In real life, moving bridges are only raised when a ship or a boat with an excessive height needs to pass under it as these are located over waterways. On busier roads, they can be replaced with fixed span bridges.
  • In game, as part of the policy of keeping traffic moving, all movable bridges have a cooldown.
  • At the busier Kirkwood lift bridge, warning lights and signage on DE 896 and US 322/DE 41 exist to tell people if the bridge is raised as they approach before driving onto the causeway.

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