Marcus_dot is a game developer in the Ultimate Driving Universe. Marcus_dot is making the state of Georgia for the Ultimate Driving Universe. He has also been making a wide variety of UDU-themed ROBLOX merchandise based on the various games in the franchise. This merchandise is available for sale in the group store.

Created UDU Map Edit

MarcusDot has his own UDU map. He currently has 2 which is UD: Johnsboro Junction and his second map is UD: Georgetown which is a coastal map after he finished Johnsboro.

Trivia Edit

  • Marcus Dot actually made a new account with his current name instead of restricting it.
  • Marcus Dot has a game but it is not confirmed what UDU game it will take place in...
  • Marcus Dot is actually a reference to his old name which was called Marcus_DOT.
  • Marcus Dot has recently been creating a wide variety of UDU merchandise, available for sale in the group store.

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