The 2010 Navistar International 3300 is a remeshed school bus was replaced the brick version of the School bus on 16 March 2020. The bus uses the IC CE body, which is used by many school districts and private operators across the United States and Canada. Basically, this bus recalls the original IC CE that was used in the legacy series, as well as making the large school bus up to date with most operators. This vehicle also uses the actual branding unlike other vehicles in game.

Players who had the older brick school bus will receive this one without additional charge.

Unlike the older brick bus, the mesh CE has a all yellow paint job (no white roof), which makes it universal across most jurisdictions and in all Ultimate Driving maps.

While the other two versions of the school bus are yet to receive new mesh bodies, the IC CE is also available with a short body and with wheelchair lifts.

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