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EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians), Paramedics and Firefighters are responsible for fighting fires in houses and apartments. EMT's help take injured players to the hospital where they regen. This job requires a game pass, which costs 50 ROBUX (R$) and players must also have less than 100 bounties to enter.

Vehicles Edit

All vehicles are free with the gamepass and do not require XP to unlock. Also, some come with a hose, ladder etc...

Year Name of the model Max speed 0-60 Time Revenue / mile XP / mile
N/A Ambulance 96 MPH (155 KM/H) 6.3s $500 300 XP
2010 Chevrolet Tahoe 132 MPH (213 KM/H) 5.9s $500 300 XP
N/A Fire Engine 105 MPH (169 KM/H) 6.8s $500 300 XP
2008 Ford F-150 116 MPH (187 KM/H) 5.7s $500 300 XP



This tool places flares, which can block off a part of the roadway or close off the roadway. This helps guide busy traffic around a major fire. flares can also be driven though. 

  • Note: You can only place up to 10 to 20 flares. flares can only be placed on roads and driveways.

Fire HoseEdit

It sprays water to put out house fires and can also go further if you turn up the water pressure. Which can be changed at the top of your screen when you hold it. The hose can be found on the side of the fire trucks in between the front and back doors on each side. Click the yellow button and a hose will be added to your inventory. Only people with the gamepass can pick it up or use it.  

Laptop Edit

Main Article: Laptop

This can be used for viewing individual traffic cameras just like what the Police team and the Highway Workers do. It can be useful for finding the location of a fire, and for seeing which streets have heavy traffic. 

Did You Know? Edit

  • As of the latest update to UD: Westover Islands, firefighters may easily put out fires from the outside of houses, which avoids having them take fire damage by going inside the burning house.
  • The recent mesh update to Ultimate Driving added a new fleet to the fire department.
  • The original ambulance (from 2014) had 2 axles, based on a Ford E-series cutaway. The past one, based on the box truck had a third "tag" axle and used a Chevrolet Express cutaway (as the box truck did). Also, it received a complete overhaul as well as a white paint scheme. The current one is based on the original current series model from 2014. As of this year, the "Heavy Duty" Like ambulance has been changed to a much smaller red Ford E-150 that is like an ambulance.

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