The DOT Ford F-150 was added on 5th January 2018.there are two versions, the Salter and the Arrow. The Salter is uncommon to see, as they actually don’t do anything and are only really used in icy conditions, which are rare in UD. The Arrow however, is very common as they direct traffic using the arrow patterns on the arrow board attached to the vehicle, and used as repair vehicles when a Tow Truck is unavailable. They both have emergency lights on the roof.

DOT F-150: Arrow Edit

Press U to use the emergency lights, just like any other vehicle with this ability, and press V to form the patterns on the arrow board. You can press V four times for patterns. when you press V once, the arrrow board changes to a horizontal line, this means ’you can’t enter this area’. The seccond time you press V, the lights form an arrow pointing left. Third time, the arrow now points right. And the fourth time you press V, the arrow now faces both ways, meaning ‘go around this area’. The double arrow should only be used on 4 or more lane roads.

DOT F-150: Salter Edit

The Salter, instead of a toolbox and an arrow board, it has a large tub full of salt, placed in the F-150’s bed and has a spout on the rear of the vehicle, with the end right in front of the number plate. it still has the roof-mounted emergency light bar, but when you press V, the spout releases salt particles all over the road. The spread is quite wide, extending just over the width of the F-150, and when the salt is being sprinkled onto the road, the vehicle’s acceleration is drastically lowered. It’s very similar to the Lawnmower. The salt doesn’t actually do anything, and is just for realism and roleplay. You should use the Salter only in icy conditions.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Salters take the form of lights trucks with snow ploughs up front, and work in groups to clear the snow from the road, carrying their own salt supply or, rarely, working with smaller trucks right behind them to spread the salt on the road.
  • UD does not have a snow plough vehicle of any sort.
  • The Arrow has a mini toolbox just behind the cab, just like most Job F-150s.
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