Codes were added on 28th February 2020, when you redeem the codes, you get free in-game items like vehicle skins and in-game currency. To redeem a code you have to go to shop.At the bottom there are redeem codes. Here is a helpful video on all the codes.

Note: Please do not ask for codes such as a free car or large amount of currency, comments will be deleted.

Current Codes

Code Prize Prize Type
2020 2020 Grad Vehicle Skin
BOOM Chroma Crush Vehicle Skin
Carboom $10,000 Currency
Catm Nightshade Vehicle Skin
Matrix $10,000 Currency
Zap $5,000 Currency

Expired Codes

Code Prize Prize Type
Custom $10,000 Currency
Faster $10,000 Currency
Fuel $10,000 Currency
Speed $10,000 Currency
Super $10,000 Currency
Victory $10,000 Currency
MPH $10,000 Currency
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