• VenomSlayer293

    what is that game? does anyone have the link to it? there is 3 pages with nothing on them about it

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  • Robotom33

    When i was played as police officer i arrested some person (toxic person).

    He said you got forever ban. My friend is admin of the game

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  • Naeunniee

    This is Naeunniee's personal drag racing record.

    Maker Name Speed 0-60 Min Time Max Time
    Koenigsegg Odin (Jesko) 300mph 2.3s 5.63s 5.94s
    Hennessey Chinook (Venom) 293mph 2.3s 6.46s 6.95s
    Porsche 999 Spider (918 Spider) 218mph 2.2s 8.12s 8.33s
    Aston Martin Volsupa (Valkyrie) 250mph 2.5s 5.93s 6.26s
    Saleen ST1 (S7) 248mph 3.1s 6.61s 7.01s
    Bugatti Chariot Pas Blanc (IVN) 261mph 2.4s 6.76s 7.15s
    Koenigsegg BiForst X1 (One:1) 273mph 2.6s 6.67s 7.31s
    Pagani Mercedario (Huayra BC) 238mph 2.8s 6.89s 7.61s
    McLaren F93 (F1) 243mph 3s 6.46s 6.74s
    Gumpert Antares (Apollo) 225mph 3s 6.68s 7.49s
    Tesla LC (Roadster) 250mph 1.9s 6.65s 6.96s Read more >
  • Joshuamumble

    If you're one of the people in-game who follows the traffic rules (signals, road signs and speed limits), do you wonder why other people often break the road rules while driving? You're just driving just to enjoy a drive in Roblox, maybe you're one of the people who drives normally and/or looking to ensure people stay safe on the roads.

    When UD first started in 2011, you couldn't buy the exotic cars we have today and could only buy one model from each category. The map was simple- you'd drive around the game and obey traffic signals. Traffic enforcement was also set up so that police officers could keep pace with speeders, preventing criminal chases from occurring.

    In the first version in the revamped series, most vehicles had a similar top …

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  • Kevender
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  • Culeemax


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  • Aleksiki2000

    Brick Cars

    November 22, 2019 by Aleksiki2000


    This post attempts to list all brick cars that have been used in UD. At the moment only non-gamepass vehicles are included.

    Generations are based on this post.

    Generations 1-3

    At least some of these were based on free models. The cars in these games included a sedan, a truck, a convertible, a muscle car, a sports car and possibly others. Gen 3 had some primitive spawn kiosks and the cars had prices. The sedan was priced $150, the sports car $400 and the truck $1000.

    (to do: there could be more info in this section, some cars are probably missing)

    Generations 4 and 5

    In these games, certain cars were available at specific spawns. Here are the known vehicles:

    Car (yes, that's its name)


    Van (made by Avanta…

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  • Qalue

    Photo not showing?

    I was pushed under a traffic pole and when I clicked flip my car started going around 9 BILLION MPH and just zooming out of the world. Could there be a fix of the traffic lights because that is sort of weird and annoying.

    On the other hand it got a few laughs out of other people so I guess it's a win win.

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  • Tekelbrik


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  • Sinoucus


    October 5, 2019 by Sinoucus


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  • Exotixx432

    I have been seeing people doing this, but don't report them. Just tell me if you have.

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  • MehabeeswarM4

    I luv this wiki

    September 28, 2019 by MehabeeswarM4

    I luv this wiki,dont blame for doing this,i am just a normal person like anybody else that is on this page,my goal is to try my best in all i can.I am a person and i live in the middle of nowhere.This is a picture of a Porsche,by FlyingScottsman in some bridge in some game.I think it is Odessa or Westover,dont blame me if im wrong,i have only 1,200 miles in this game.Anyways this is what i am so yeah,this is my 3rd blog.Thank you.Now just some pictures gonna be popping up.

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  • TheHalcyon562

    I see comments everywhere on any wiki page. It goes like this, for example:

    Robbinsville: HAHA IM THE BIGGEST TOWN! IM THE KING! Deals Gap: Stop flexing, i’m was the first spawn added to this game. Tallassee: Well at least I’m the largest in Tennessee... Chilly Spring Gap: And i’m your brother. Now notice me. Fontana Dam: Welp, I’ve got the coolest views and the Dam! Aren’t I the luckiest? Tapoco: ._. I am depressed. I’m so small. I tried to impress everybody with my Campground and Slickrock Road. It didn’t work.

    Red Marble Gap: Yo, don’t be sad. Be thankful you exist. I got removed. Valleytown-Andrews: At least your area is still on the map, but not as a town. I fully got removed from the map! Lake Saniteetlah (a.k.a. those two houses in bet…

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  • MehabeeswarM4

    The reason why i am not editing anymore alot is because:1)I got bored. 2)I have school now so less time for editing. 3)Since Popular UD Games got deleted,my editing rate is now slower.

    So yeah,those are the reasons why i dont edit so much,dont blame me for slowing down my pace to 200 edits,its not my fault,i should blame ill91 for this,pls dont be offended ill91 for saying that,this is my 2nd blog and i am new to this wiki and do not treat new people bad,this is a place for improvement,but it is good for now.Hope that no bad event happens again.

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  • MehabeeswarM4

    Welcome to my Account

    September 23, 2019 by MehabeeswarM4

    Welcome to my account,this is MehabeeswarM4,don't confuse me with MehabeeswarM5 like Sin did.(Don't hate on him pls)Welcome to my Ultimate Driving Unofficial Fan Wikia (UDUFW in short)This is the place where i have the most edits,i have 178 edits as of September 23,2019.I think i might be getting 200 edits by September 29 or in November,who knows...Everything can happen.Pictures now.

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  • Sinoucus

    I want to adopt this wiki to

    September 14, 2019 by Sinoucus

    I know i am about to unleash a passive vandalism but i want everything to be fixed and restored  this will be a test. But me and flyinscotsman deserve to be admins because we work on this wiki alot.

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  • MRreinoUnidoYT

    Here are my reasons why I should be a mod

    1- I know a lot of stuff about UD

    2- I'm usually Online

    3- I'm not toxic

    4- I'm in the discord server (I guess that's a cool point)

    5- almost 5k Miles (Don't know if that helps) 

    6- I guess I have a good relationship with most users here

    7- I've played UD since 2016.

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  • Twinkbunsthe7th


    September 3, 2019 by Twinkbunsthe7th

    So, some of our pages have been under attack lately. Mostly from anonymous users that delete everything or add random stuff to the pages. THIS IS NO OK. Any user caught doing this stuff will suffer immediate execution by ban, according to the rules, PLUS you get ridiculed for the rest of your life. And don’t bother trying to hide it, History let’s us see EVERYTHING.

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  • Aleksiki2000

    DISCLAIMER: This is not an official list. This is based mostly on my own findings and memory. This writing likely has mistakes and missing information.

    Ok, so here is a list of UD games that have existed in the past (or still exist), based on what I've found on the profiles of the devs and by digging through my old notes.

    This list does NOT include upcoming games (Harriston, Fontana Dam, Johnsboro etc.)

    I've divided the list into 'generations' to make it more readable. The division is NOT based on anything official, it's about when they were made, and how advanced their 'game systems' are.

    Unfortunately, some games do not have links, usually because the dev's inventory isn't public and Roblox has a retarted search system, the game has been ove…

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  • Moonlight9798

    Hey guys, it's me Flying Scotsman again with another post. Since my OverDrive Universe Roblox Wiki is still being prepared for Summer or Fall 2019. I decided to tell you that, we need to make the wiki more organized. The reason why is because the wiki is not fully organized.  If you look at my OverDrive Wiki, it's pretty organized. 

    So to all the staff team and editors of the wiki. Let us make this wiki look more official and maybe one day, TwentyTwoPilots (aka Alex) notice this wiki. 

    Lemme know your feedback in the comments thank you.

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  • Mr.NewbDoge

    Fandom Users

    June 3, 2019 by Mr.NewbDoge

    Just wondering, who thinks that it's a good idea to let the wiki open to anyone, even people w/o accounts. I'm just saying this cuz vandalism seem tobe usually fandom users (not sure 100%) tho, and that isn't fun. If a register user do decided to vandalize, they can get block. Should we lock the pages from fandom users?

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  • Moonlight9798

    Hey people, it's Flying Scotsman. I'm announcing to all of you that I'll be working on a wiki which is the OverDrive Roblox Wiki. You can find it on my profile or click on this link here:

    Another thing to mention is, I might need some people to help me work on this wiki since I can't do it alone. Also, this is a fan wiki, so do not vandalize the wiki and this is a work in progress.  

    If you want to help me work on this wiki, go to my profile and message me or go to the comments and tell me if you want to work with me. The last thing to mention is, I'll still be editing the Ultimate Driving Wiki, so chill out and relax. Thank you.

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  • GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX

    I would like to make some Ultimate Driving games in the state of Texas, where I live, but I need to know how to become a game dev for UD.

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  • Twinkbunsthe7th

    Car stats

    April 1, 2019 by Twinkbunsthe7th

    In the car stats on each article, they all speak about what’s mentioned on the in game garage spawn GUI. But it’s usally wrong. The Porsche 918 has a top speed of 220MPH, the bendy bus accelerates way faster, ect. I Instead of using the Infobox for putting in the presented stats, let’s actually test the Vehicles in UD, for actual stats. If this is good, I’ll start timing the accelerstion of the 918.

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  • Twinkbunsthe7th

    Stop your engines. This article is a stub, you can help Ultimate Driving Roblox Wikia by adding a few sentences! I think we can do a little better. My proposal for a (minor) change is this: Slow down! This article is a stub, you can help Ultimate Driving Roblox Wikia by adding a few sentences!

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  • Joshuamumble

    Hello everyone,

    If you have been following TwentyTwoPilots' Twitter feed or if you had a legacy gamepass, you might have noticed that legacy passes are no longer supported in the current series. Some of these passes were released in 2010 and were available up until 2015. Players with legacy passes will need to re-purchase the passes in order to continue playing on the gamepass jobs or get a home. According to TTP, these changes were to improve performance for the gamepasses.

    Players with current series gamepasses (2015-present) will NOT be required to re-purchase the passes as they are still supported by the game system.

    Any player with any legacy pass (2010-2015, sold at UD: I, II, III and IV) will be unable to use them as of March 2, 2019 i…

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  • TheLastMaserati
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  • Opan3

    Congrats to TwentyTwoPilots!

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  • MGB498

    The National UDU Firefighters

    February 17, 2019 by MGB498

    '(this page is in progress)'

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  • Joshuamumble

    Hello everyone,

    We would like to remind you again that release dates for any game can only be posted if we have official confirmation from a developer. Therefore, all pages about beta maps (except those that are cancelled) will be locked to most users and protected so that only moderators and admins can edit the page. This has been implemented to prevent vandalism and possible false release dates from being posted. Comments for these pages may be disabled if false release dates are posted there. Other pages related to towns and cities in the game(s) should not be affected by this new policy; however, please do not spread false release dates on these pages as they will be removed.

    If you want a link to be added to these pages, please ask an a…

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  • MinersHavenM43

    I was playing UD: Odessa when the map wasnt near Odessa, It was near Westover!!!

    Actually, this happens in every game except UD: Monroe and UD: Westover.

    Why this happens and how to fix it?!!!

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  • Joshuamumble

    Hi everyone,

    We would like to remind you that for the release date, we need to get official confirmation form the developer.  These will be found on the developer's Twitter page and games may be pushed back due to complications or issues with the games prior to release.  Therefore, we have protected the following pages from public editing until the respective games are released:

    1. UD: Monroe (unlocked)
    2. UD: Newark
    3. UD: Fontana Dam (unlocked)

    UPDATE: We may also lock pages that may have a lot of inaccurate information for cleanup purposes. (Note: Pages for individual towns/cities in these games can still be edited). 

    Commenting is available on these pages but if false release dates are spread over the comments, the commenting feature for those pages m…

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  • Buzzore5678

    Some Fandom user changes the release dates to November 1 and said to "get hype". However, I check and see if index15 really has a release date and nope. It's just another person typing something that's not going to happen. Oh, and index15 debunked it too on twitter:


    Only write it if the developer said the expected release date on twitter or other social media.

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  • IiTomsx

    I am back! (Finally)

    October 23, 2018 by IiTomsx

    Hello everyone! I am finally back and I will try and be as active as possible!


    Administrator since February 2018

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  • Joshuamumble

    Hey everyone,

    I was able to revert an edit that was made by an imposter of my account (JoshuaMumbile) after he put a random foot on the Transit page. The imposter accounts are NOT from me and are made by someone else and were set up to vandalize sites I edit. As needed, the site needs to have proper editing guidelines to prevent further vandalism. We will also need the admins to be more responsible so we can further enforce the rules for this site, up to and including user bans.

    In addition, we will need to have more stringent enforcement of the rules in the site so we can filter out and revert any edits to pages that may relate to vandalism. If there are any suspected vandalism attempts, we should be able to revert them. If we have any more…

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  • Joshuamumble

    Hello everyone,

    I just went on the "School Bus" page and it needs to be updated to make it on par with any publicly editable page. Since it's protected, the page will need to be updated as per the New Year's Update as people cannot edit it except the admins:

    • School buses received a new meshed body in the New Year's update
    • Check to see if the Vortex Security bus is still offered and update the info as necessary
    • Unprotect the page so anyone can edit it

    Some proposed guidelines for pages that have been vandalized:

    • If a user spots vandalism, report it to an admin along with the user responsible
    • The admin must block the IP address or username but may not use "Infinite" unless absolutely necessary, this applies to all bans handed out and those already …
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  • IiTomsx


    Good afternoon! I hope you're all having a great day so far, I have an announcement to make.... So, as you all know, we have been a bit inactive recently, but I will be changing that throughout the Summer and Autumn. We will hopefully try and recruit some new admins and mods, And get a fresh lineup of new Wikia staff, I have also been considering making a Roblox group for this Wikia, just so the roles are much more clearer, Personally, I believe this is a change for good, and hopefully we can once again become the highest quality and most active Wikia again, Feel free to nominate people to become Wikia staff in #admin-and-mod-reccommendations channel on Discor And feel free to DM me, iiTomsx#7611.

    Thank you,



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  • Saywhat321

    They wreked havoc in pleasant valley.  They blew up a bridge, they blew up windmills, and flew a plane into my car show and exploded us all.

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  • IiTomsx

    A Message to Tekelbrik

    February 18, 2018 by IiTomsx

    So, earlier today at 9:56am GMT I came on to check how the wikia was doing, and I saw Tekelbrik had replied to my message that I had sent him about reporting 3 IP's that were vandalising this Wikia, and yes he blocked the IP's which made me happy that they can no longer do any damage, but he also said he is considering making me an admin which quite frankly made me incredibly overjoyed, because I have always, always wanted to be able to do more about rogue accounts and IP's which try and muck up the whole Wikia and so I'd like to dedicate my first blog here to Tekelbrik.

    Anyways, goodbye!

    And thank you so very much Tekelbrik!

    Tekelbrik's Wikia Profile

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  • Tekelbrik

    I, Tekelbrik, gave the site a brand new makeover. I think you guys will like it!! I also made also the font on the site the font you see on highway signs because UD is a road game. Tell me what u guys think!

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  • PhoenixVellerium

    Alright, I never have got this until, a few days ago. I could not get on UD because everytime it would say, you have been kicked from the server! Please rejoin a different server.

    Can someone help me out on this one? Because I have never done anything wrong. For example insult a moderator. I have never commited any violent act towards the game. Can someone please fix this? UD is a lovely game, for I have got many cars on there which on some have used quite alot of ROBUX on. If this is a ban or a kick please tell me because I need to know the reason.

    However, if it is just a error message then just tell me how to fix it or find away,


    Your sincerly,


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  • Joshuamumble

    So a few weeks ago, I reported a few users on my high school's IP address (where I do most of my editing) for vandalizing the Wikia. However, since the IP address was blocked by the admins, I will not​ be able to edit the Wikia as much as I used to. As a result, do not expect me to edit pages during the daytime hours.

    • When I am at school ​until further notice​, I will not be able to edit this Wikia. However, I may be online at other times. I will also not be available to deal with any issues should they arise; please forward problems to any other staff during school hours on weekdays.
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  • TheOutrageousBoyRBLX

    For those who don't know, i will not be hanging around on the UDU wiki for some weeks due to me taking holidays abroad. There could be chances i may hang around the wiki but i'm not sure if i will have the chance to do anything. Anyway, Here are the dates.

    July 28th 2017 - August 18th 2017 Flight to Orlando, Florida.

    October 21st 2017 - October 28th 2017 Flight to Pefkos, Greece.

    December 28th 2017 - January 4th 2018 Flight to Tenerife, Spain.

    If i am able to take either my mother or my sisters laptop with me, i could be able to hang around.

    I'll keep you posted along the way.

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  • Hostdude98

    I want to adopt this wiki, my reason is below

    My Reason to become Admin of the wiki: I want to become admin because I've been helping the wiki a lot, trying to make the wiki more helpful for people, editing a lot of good info, getting rid of useless pages with candidate for deletion category. I've been a really good example for other people in the wiki, and I think i'm ready for admin because someone said I feel ready due to how I am being a good part of the wiki.  I also want to adopt this wiki because the founder left and nobody is admin, and I think if I be admin, I will protect the wiki from useless pages (pages that talks nothing to do with the wiki, so many of them), make the wiki a better place, and some other reasons.

    My adoption req…

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  • XformDowntownDrift

    My Wall

    February 19, 2017 by XformDowntownDrift

    This all started when i talked about the future update about vehicles and someone said "Lol , Really ? this is fake",

    and i called him ignorant moron... 4 Hours later when i was trying to play UD : Westover Islands i saw that i got banned for 3 days so i checked the wall of UDU group and i saw that i got banned for insulting a moderator ( the guy who said "lol , really ? This is fake") ( his name is Pawsability ).

    And i got mad and they said that if "excesivly being disrespectful toward the moderators ,they upped my ban to two weeks.

    Yesterday i got kicked/exiled from the group because they tryied to get me very mad, TheCrinjMan and TTP and Zeffy make my ban permanent  so that mean ill never play again on my main acc thefakelol987 UDU games :…

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