The 2019 Akio Ultimo is a Japanese Sport Car. It can be bought for $99,980, and appeared in Ultimate Driving on Vehicle Re-Branding Update. It is based off the 2019 Toyota GR Supra (A90).

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The 2019 Toyota GR Supra was first debuted at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The A80 Supra ended production in 1998 for the United States and in 2002 for Japan. The A90 Toyota Supra shares the same platform with the BMW Z4, the supra was made in conjunction with BMW. Even though over 70% of the parts are straight out from BMW Z4, the engine and the computer is easily tun-able and can be heavily modified without a piston flying straight into space, with numbers as high as 450 hp with a simple ECU flash having been reported. Although this car shares the same parts as the BMW Z4, this car is faster from 0-60mph and quarter-mile drag race. This car was criticised for being a re-badged BMW first launch, and this criticise slowly dilute as more tuners found this supra is such a heaven to tune.

Sales for the new Supra began on July 22, 2019. Also, on September 12, 2019 BMW recalled the GR Supra because the seat belt guide loop mounts were welded improperly. Only seven Supra's affected by this recall.

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  • Yes, even the Supra's engine is made by BMW.
  • Due to the engine being made by BMW, many in the car community flamed it not for not living up to expectations but for the fact they did not stay loyal to the JZ engine lineage. And on top of that BMW engines were notoriously hard to work with, requiring many specialized tools.
    • This soon evaporated however, as a famous race team owner Stephen Papadakis (Jokingly referred by the car community as the real life Dom Torreto due to his resemblance) started tearing open the engine and found to his surprise the only things he really had to do any major work on the engine to produce 1000 hp was to modify the fuel injection system into a fuel air intake, install a bigger turbo, and use some steel wipers to tighten the engine head to the block to prevent blowout. It was almost as if BMW was asking for the new supra engine to be tuned.[1]

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  • The car is overpriced as it costs below $60,000 retail.
  • Due to its low ground clearance crossing some curbs may cause problems.

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