The Prius GT is a variant of the Prius available after reaching Rank 30 as a Citizen. It only differs from the standard Prius visually by having a large GT wing mounted on the rear. From a performance perspective, the Prius GT features performance statistics identical to the Pontiac G8, but with increased revenue and XP per mile.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the alternate version of the Prius, which costs $23,475.
  • Prior to the Racing Update's release, there was some speculation that the Prius GT would be one of the fastest vehicles in the game. This was later debunked upon the update's release.
  • The Prius GT's appears with a 650S GT3 spoiler.

Known issues Edit

  • For some reason, the rear turn signal is on the bottom of the tail light. In real life, it's in the middle.
  • This never existed in this generation shown here. There was a Prius GT300 that came out for use by Toyota Racing in the next generation.

Gallery Edit

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