The 2012 GMC Savana Transit replaced the shorter brick school bus. However, unlike its predecessor, the cutaway bus body is based on a Thomas Minotour and is known as a "type A" bus, as it uses a van chassis instead of a truck chassis. As these are often more fuel efficient than Type B buses, they have become commonplace throughout the United States and Canada.

Like its older counterpart, this vehicle does have a rear wheelchair lift that does not work, functional lights and pass through doors. It also has the last row of seats missing to accommodate the wheelchair seating position.

Even though the GMC Savana in-game is now only used as a school bus, the same chassis can also be used for small transit buses.

Issues Edit

None as of right now

Trivia Edit

  • This bus is the first cutaway type bus added into the game and is the only meshed variant of the retired van.
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