The Syclone is a light pickup truck in the Ultimate Driving Universe. It was added in the 2018 Mesh Update and replaced the Chevy S-10 pickup.

Description Edit

The Syclone is based on the GMC vehicle of the same name, a performance variant of the first-generation GMC Sonoma pickups that only released in 1991. In comparison to the Sonoma it was based on, it recieved a more aggressive body kit styling and was fitted with a turbocharged 4.3L V6 engine making 280 HP (slightly more than most Japanese sports cars around that time), an all-wheel drive system with a rear-wheel bias, and 4-wheel anti-lock brakes -- the first production truck with this feature. At the time it was released, the Syclone was easily the fastest stock pickup produced, with a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds, and even to this day, the Syclone has a cult following due to its "sleeper" status.

In-game, the Syclone is one of two pickup trucks currently available, along with the Ford F-150. Unlike the F-150, the Syclone has no rear seats, and thus can only fit up to 2 players in it. Its SUV counterpart, the GMC Typhoon, was added into the game during the Racing Update.

Known IssuesEdit

  • The front turn signals on the bumper do not work.
  • The rear turn signals are in the reverse light for some reason.
  • The front fog lights are not clear.
  • The front GMC logo is red in real life. Unlike in UD.
  • The vehicle is missing the GMC Truck logo from the rear of it.
  • The vehicle is missing the Syclone logo from the rear and sides of it.
  • In real life, the vehicle is AWD, not RWD. This also goes for the Typhoon as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the car's "sleeper" status in real life, it's more commonly seen used by newer players due to its pricing.
  • This is the fastest vehicle available in terms of top speed within the starting $10,000 new players receive when first entering the game.
  • Due to its size, the Syclone can be fitted with the wheels of cars, as opposed to those found on larger pickup trucks and SUVs.


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